I own a washer and dryer with my downstairs neighbor. The dryer broke. He doesn't want to pay repair.?

I live in Philadelphia,in a duplex, in the top apt.
The duplex has 2 apts, and a shared basement.

The basement has designated spots (designated by owner via signs on the wall) for dryer and washer space for both apartments. ( 4 spots total for 2 washers and 2 dryers)

Many years ago, me and my downstairs neighbor bought a washer and a dryer, and split the cost 50/50. Our agreement, at the time of purchase was this:
1. pay 50/50 for purchase (we did not talk about other potential costs or future repairs at the time) of dryer and washer.
2. place washer in his basement spot… hooked up to his electric and hot water.
3. place dryer in my basement spot…hooked up to my electric…(i am aware my costs were much higher over the years, due to how much electric the dryer consumes.. but disregard that)

The problem is…this:
1. the dryer broke now.. and he just doesn’t care…
2. there is no room left in the basement for me to bring in a new dryer, and keep the old one too.

Our relationship is not friendly anymore, i am literally sick of their ignorance.. with this and other issues (such as letting their dog pee on my hallway carpet, and refusing to clean up…. or them bringing in the basement trashed furniture from the street..this is why the basement is full now…with no more room… i think landlord asked them to throw out stuff many months ago, but they ignored that request too… and landlord is not enforcing it).

I need advice how to tackle this problem.

Regarding the dryer, i refuse to pay for part AND do repair. I’ve always been fair and they always took advantage… no more.

Of course i could buy a new dryer, but there is no room in the basement..for this broken one, and for the new one… unless they remove some of their trash furniture first.

I was thinking that i may be legally entitled to throw the broken dryer out, to make room for, and buy a new dryer for my own use only….since i own 50% of the broken dryer, and since the broken dryer is sitting in the part of basement assigned for MY UNIT.

The thing is, in the lease it says "the basement is not to be used as storage", but both me and my neighbor has been using it for storage… but my stuff only takes up maybe 20%.. their trash furniture takes up all the rest of the room. It’s probably against fire regulations too to keep combustibles (wood) in basement. Either way the landlord is doing nothing about it (maybe he asked them nicely, but that’s it)

Our rent is cheap since we’ve been living here for so long. I don’t want to push the issues with the landlord too much, because few years ago i asked the landlord to pay for material only, and i would’ve done the labor, to replace the sink in my bathroom, and the tile on my bathroom subfloor… but then few days later, he sent me "30 days notice to leave". I went back and told him to forget about what i asked him and about the "notice he sent me"… and he did…

Meantime days go by and we have no dryer…

What can i do ?

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