I passed out almost a year ago?

I passed out almost a year ago 2 times (I was only 12) I live with my grandparents and I didn't want to tell them because my grandma freaks out about everything.
**The first time: I was in the shower and felt like I was gonna die– I was really scared so I tried to stay up and turn the shower off, I got dressed and I walked and looked into the mirror( I don't know why) Then I completely passed out. I woke up with my head by the toilet- I could barely remember that I got dressed. I don't think I was unconcious for more than a minute though, or my grandma would have asked me why I was in the bathroom so long. I went and laid down on my bed for awhile but I was very uncomfortable because I was still wet and I had soap in my hair still :P
**The second time: I was taking a really hot shower and I was really tired because I had just woke upso I was basically just standing in the shower too tired to wash my hair or anything. After a few minutes I started to get dizzy and I saw these lights that made it impossible for me to see( this sort of happened the first time) I fell down in the shower but I forced to myself to get up because I told myself that if I was going to pass I was going to pass out while I'm not in the shower. I got out of the shower and sat down on a stool for a minute hoping I would feel better again. I started to dry off and get dressed and that is when I almost completely passed out- I fell to my right towards my toilet and hit my cheek bone on the corner of my bathroom vanity/sink (I'm glad it wasn/t my eye that was hit) I had a small but very painful bruise on my cheek after that. It was weird that time though because I didn't become completely inconcious- I would'nt let myself, but my head hurt and I saw lights and got dizzy just like I was going to pass out.

I'm 13 now and my grandma was making a huge deal over my pregnant aunt passing out so I am wondering if this is serious. I did some research and found that it could have been from me standing up straight in one spot for so long— just like when someones knees buckle when they are on stage.
Also, I get dizzy and see lights when I stand up to fast but I found out that this is normal in *older* people and it has a name.
Both times I passed out were in the morning on a weekend, either while or after I was taking a shower. Should I be worried? It hasn't happened since but I have been more cautious while I'm in the shower– I don't take very hot showers or stand there for awhile like I used to.
*******************I didn't eat before either of the showers that was probably part of it***************


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