I really need some help guys, severly depressed?

Hello everyone, and good afternoon to you. This question might be a bit long, but it is because I want to be as thorough as possible so I can get a few accurate answers. I am a 19 year old male, and i’m having home issues I need to deal with before I mentally ‘break down’. When I was real young, my mother & father split (2 years old, I believe) ever since then I’ve lived with my mother, stepdad (came along when I was around 5) my 2 uncles, grandmother & grandfather. My grandfather has been a drunk his whole life, a nice man who minds his own, but some of my earliest memories of him were him coming home drunk from the local bar, urinating himself & defecating through the floors of the house on his way up to bed. This has caused problems for me my whole life. It bothers me to a point words couldn’t even describe knowing that if I had a friend, or god forbid a girlfriend over & she needed to use the bathroom, what in gods name would she think seeing urine & fece stain on the bathroom floor/carpeting? In turn, I haven’t had many friends over, except my bestfriend who understands my situation with all this, and in turn I couldn’t be more appreciative that I have someone like him as a friend. So fast-forward 15 years since I was 5 years old, in December i’m going to be 20. Home life has only gotten worse. My grandmother is 79, and my grandfather is 81 (still drinks everyday) and urinates himself 2, to 3 times daily. Just yesterday, I was making a sandwhich for lunch 7 he comes down SOAKED in urine and he smells so bad, that it literally turned my stomach & I couldn’t even eat. My grandmother (who I’ve caught on many occasions, although she denies) urinates in plastic cups & empties it out into the kitchen sink because shes too lazy/or arthritis bothers her knees too much to go upstairs and just the idea of this makes my skin crawl. Apparently, there isn’t reason enough for them to place them into a nursing home, and even if there was I stopped questioning it because obviously my mother isn’t having any of it. On top of all this, me & my mother butt heads like you wouldn’t believe. In arguments, she’ll purposely nit pick at me just to be arrogant. Just today, we were arguing about my dentist appointment & I said i wanted to reschedule because I don’t need one right now (excellent dental health) & she said something like "why do you even brush your teeth it’s not like you leave your room enough where people would even notice if you brush your teeth anywayt" just simple things like to tear me down in a way, to get me upset. My step dad is a very nice guy, very supportive of me & generally a very nice guy. It hurts because I care about him alot, and I think I can honestly say it, hate my mother. I have decided instead of living here where I am very unhappy, to try to move on myself & get a place for myself to call home. As of right now, i’m unemployed (i’m not lazy as some here might say, I live in a small town & unless you have schooling exp. you’re not getting a job.) So with the money I have in the bank, I was thinking of starting fresh in a new place by myself. I was thinking about moving out of state, I had parts of New Orleans/central Florida area in mind, but I would set up a job & a place to stay before I even thought about this move (i’m from northern PA.) Can someone weigh in on my position? I just think what I need to get out of the depression/anxiety I feel here in this area is a new start, away from my family as & i’m actually fine with that, some people just aren’t meant to be close, it’s just life. I feel instead of suffering from something I don’t like, to put forth that negative energy & turn it into something positive (change of life.) Thank you everyone, it means a great deal to have some help & insight on my ordeal.

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