I want to know whats wrong with my friend . .?

This happen today around 10 am ( may 21, 2010 )

my friend took an edible , white chocolate to be exact. i heard that white chocolate is the strongest out of all the edibles. So my friend took half a piece of it, after that she told me her body was starting to get numb then her next then her head or brain.. She said when she started closing her eye she felt like she was sinking and she was burning.. she also said she wanted to throw up.
( this was happening during school ) after all that it was nutrition and i help her walk around the school and kept giving her water. i took her to the nurse and they had her lay down. a few mins later she starting throwing up..
does anyone know what this means? edible as in a weed bar ..
oh , and she never smoked weed before , she had a cookie that had weed in it before and this bar ..

And sorry if this is in the wrong category

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