I was thinking about the Jehovah's Witness and………….?

I was thinking about the Jehovah’s Witness ark interpretation/prophesy (Matthew 24:38-39) and how the Jw org says that they are an ark and the "only" means of salvation. Well in line with how the Jw org puts forward it’s parallel, that is like some sort of sea worthy vessel, let’s think about the worthiness of this vessel and examine how well it floats. Think about the changes needed to keep this vessel afloat and how this could parallel to like a "hole" in the ark. Yes the holes in the JW ark are being exposed all the time. What’s the next teaching to be modified or hole patched up to cover over the hole? Never has such a faulty vessel stayed afloat only by the captains assurance in saying the holes can keep being fixed. This Jw org ark will eventually "sink"

As the holes become more obvious, will the Jw org ark sink before Armageddon or will it be Armageddon that sinks it?
We are talking about the Jw org spin on these scriptures and there is no error on the line of thought, the way I have put across the Jw org thinking on it
The only errors I can perceive are on-board the Jw ark. How is it possible to feel safe on-board this type of ark? I guess you just have to put your faith that those holes can keep being fixed
Look at "sunshines" answer; it has all the hallmarks of someone that is deluded. She said "That which sinks and that which floats is up to Jehovah"; that is not what is going on in the Jw org and only someone deluded would understand things to be this way within the Jw org. What is really going on is their Governing Body has become "Jehovah" to them. They cannot distinguish their Governing Body from God because their minds are in a twist! It is their Governing Body who is making these errors

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