I was wondering what I should major in college and here are my skills?

my skills are
One is art. I like to sketch so I can build models. As a kid and teen I practiced wearing disguises and that is how I did some major cop out work. I wasn’t the cop though, I just helped lives. One time I dressed as a gangster and went to my friend’s house where her friend was sold drugs aimlessly and he stole my money. He went to jail after that for selling drugs. He acted like my best friend that night.. and acted like I was ho’ best friend.
I had on like a disguise in front of these kids and later on in life they go to jail for rape or theft. So I don’t know what that proves but one only ever talked to me nice with my disguise on, and when he saw me at the mall in my regular clothing he made fun of me nowhe is in jail and waiting for a rape trial.

One time this girl that used to nag me invited me over. We never hung out before. She only ever saw me in my disguises at school. I did not go to her house in my disguises. She immediately got bossy. Yelled at me not to tell her boyfriend what she did. Her house was a hoarder mess. Figures I got to know her a little closer to see that she spends all of her money on alcohol and never picks up after herself. I slept over; 5 o clock in the morning I got up just to clean it. She had no working vaccum, no mop so I got on my hands and knees with a toy bucket and rag. The yellow went from sticky & brown to yellow; the blue went from dark grey to blue. She had decided to get drunk and spill a drink all over the floor as well as herself that night. I cleaned her toilet, half asleep, because there was brown all over. There were strange messes all over her kitchen that I cleaned up. She hadn’t cleaned for days; I was there the whole time. Um I started putting all of her stuff away, dishes, make up left on top of the entertainment center, random garbage everywhere, shoes in odd places and never together, clothing scattered in strange places; nothing was in contrast, in order visible to light that you would see just looking around. She had a closet filled as high as my waste. I organized the whole thing and turned it actually into a closet with all the clothing on hangers, picked out the clean from the dirty, found dog **** stuck and twisted in the clothing at the bottom, shoes, bras, underwear, swimsuits, suitcases from last years summer trip and the crunched up beach clothing, um randomn things all over the floor, kids play clothing with old stains.. Just all this big pile of stuff clean and dirty all crambed together. I went outside of her apartment into the hallway and swept frantically to get all the dirt and crumbs out of the carpet so there was room to walk. Goopy toothpaste out on her bathroom vanity, the door of the mirror always cracked open, her makeup would smear all over the vanity, strange stains.. never cleaned.I did find a scrub brush in the closet that I used with dish soap. She blamed me for staining a spot of her carpet white. She would talk about killing her father and she would go in the bathtub with her child’s clothing from 2 months ago still in it, the bathtub she never cleaned… and lay in the water! Her kids birthday party table was still out with huge messes from like a month prior. It was always that way for a whole 2 years that I barely visited.
She called me to babysit as an emergency. I never babysat 2 little babies before. . I found rooms full of smelly toys that covered the floor.. There was a razor under the rubbage. The kid cried for his mom. He called me "mom". He tried to bite the girl. I lifted them in a big flat sturdy toy bag bin type of thing like a crane machine and they laughed. Then the kid cried.. He would not leave the girl’s bedroom. They both kept climbing on the bed to the window sill and scared me half to death so I would pull them both off one at a time and keep doing this. I had surgery so I was trying my best. I finally got him to stop criyng by putting a tinkerbell kid’s beanie on my head and rolling my head around like a noodle bot . He went with me into the next room after that. I don’t know what I was doing. The kids wanted to just mess everything and they looked like they weren’t doing good with the curse head cigarette butt mom who just smoked right in front of them. She spanks her daughter for trying to run around naked; that is while both thier socks are black at the bottom.

I went to babysit another day. This child as I witnessed watched hours of television in front of her mother and knew how to work the whole contraption to make the video play on the screen. She was in her television mode when I got over.. I made her watch her toys, if she wanted to draw it was okay but to watch over her toys at least. She leaves her toys everywhere and makes big messes. So she decided to color with me. Then we ate.. kind of. She sat there and didn’t want to eat even though I used her cups that changed color.
I did not let her watch TV. We watched an 1/2hour of a movie. I didn’t take to her trying to turn the television back on whenever she pleased. There was a time when I put all of her blocks and strange little toys that came as sets all organized an in bins which her mother was always too drunk to do. She can relate to me because we both have the unibrows going on. Um her moms pothead boyfriend doesn’t seem to care to run around the house in his boxers .. Didn’t make a mess of the house and I didn’t let her make a mess of the house.

Ya, then the mom lost her kid and called me again to hang out and I tried to help her better herself but she went and stole from me and then started saying that I was "wierd".. Well at least I clean my house and I have a much better life than her.

Then my next mission was to save this other kid. He messaged me asking me to hang out. I wore basically a costume on this mission. He was sniffing high amounts of bathsalts. His one room apartment was

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