i work a parttime job, what is my job title?

What is my job tittle? The responsibilities on my shoulders go as it follows. As soon as i’m at site, i get all needed materials to start doing the cleaning at a bar/club? I start by:

-wipping down all the tables.
– sweep all the napkins,straws,cigarett butts,gum,beer bottles,cups,bottle caps, ect.up off the floor.
– clean behind the bar, removing all trash,sweeping and mopping.
– vacuum all carpeted areas.
– mop all floors incliding entrance, and dance floor.
– return all chairs to tables (about 38) including bar stools.
– wipe down all mirrors and glass doors
– sweep and mop men’s and women’s bathrooms
– clean sinks,replace tissue,napkins and hand soap.
– scrub toilets,in and out, removing poop, throw up and all else
– throw out trash and open bar.
(I need a profesional reference to my tittle.)

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