Illinois – Tenant Landlord Issues – Our Landlord is avoiding us!?

Illinois – When we applied for our current house that we are renting, the landlord said he’d be back to finish the repairs from the previous tenant as well as give us a copy of the lease that we signed and to give us a checklist to mark off issues or repairs so we would not be responsible for them. However, we have not been able to get ah oldd of him. I have leftvoice-mailss, texts, emails, and have mailed him letters. We know he is alive because I text him two weeks ago when our A/C froze up and he simply replied what time to expect the repairman. In this example, the repair said he needed to replace the entire unit and he’d follow up with the landlord and we have yet to hear a word. He has not yet cashed the rent check from the end of May and we have been getting a gas bill in his name for our address, however, we have contacted the company to let them know when we moved in, and they told us it was from the house was not in our name. So what do we do? We don’t want to move but we obviously want the repairs fixed (holes in the walls, doors that don’t close that go to the outside, we have found mold under the sink, we have no working ceiling fans, and the screens he left us for the windows are ripped to shreds. :( We don’t know what to do. We’ve left messages with local law offices and they have not returned our calls. We cannot renew our license without our lease because we don’t have the lease, and I cannot register for fall classes until I have the lease, either.

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