I'm a first time renter and have some concerns about my apartment. Please help me.?

My landlord never had me sign a lease. I put the deposit down and pd my first month rent. I noticed there arent even any sink stoppers in the kitchen. Should I just buy this or should i contact the landlord. Sounds stupid but i don’t really know. I believe that there is asbestos in the electric box which is old dusty wires held together with black electrical tape. All but a few of the door knobs are in terrible but slightly usable condition. Should i ask him to repair/replace them or just live with it. Also, there is only one battery operated smoke detector in the house. i have two floors and one detector. And the downstairs door is cracked it looks like the glass could fall out any time and you have to be careful closing it because the glass rattles so much. Could I have a little advice. This may be silly to some but I’ve never really been here before and like i said i never did sign a lease so am i responsible or the landlord. Also, there’s an issue of fire safety if there’s a fire we have no way out of the house. The apt is on the second and third floor. Since i didn’t sign a lease should i just continue with the apt hunting?

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