Incompetent, unwilling roommate..suggestions?

I live with two other women.
One is 27 years old, the other is age 19.
We can only assume which of the two cannot live up to the maturity in the household.

She, like the rest of us, works multiples jobs and attends university. However, unlike the rest of us, she uses her tight schedule as an excuse to be a slob. From leaving dishes in the sink for three or more weeks to having verbal arguments over leaving the utilities bill on time, she claims to have an, "issue with authority" due to her controlling mother and would, "like to live in a place that fosters respect for each other". We’ve tried negotiation, compromise, notes after notes on her things..nothing seems to be effective,

What she fails to recognize is that her lack of organization and unwillingness to cooperate has lead my 27 y/o roommate to right up a final warning, which she hopes to submit to our landlord. From their, he will revise the lease to create mandatory cleanliness in the house, which i assume she will sign and be forced to abide by or leave the apartment.

Before we go through this lengthy process, are there any other methods to approach her incompetence? Thanks!
The lease has been signed, but the landlord has the right to amend and reissue the terms of the lease. Not for nothing, but the first roommate moved out in two days when she was transferred..against the lease terms (30 days notice with pay). I feel it will be no trouble for him to include these amendments, but i was looking to see if anyone had additional advice before going through with this process.

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