iPod touch Water damage signs?

Ok guys i am really upset i have just broke my samsung galaxy s and its getting repaired and only my mum knows i wouldnt dare tell my dad he would go MAD!! But basically i was messing around with my mom and we were washing up and i left my ipod by the sink and there was a bit of water by the sink not enough to kill an ant and then i was on fb on my ipod and i saw these dark patches of water marks but then i touched the bits were it was patchy dark and it worked and then it said the charging device you have put in is not avaliable and i didnt put anything to do with charging in? But then i quickly did some research on my iPod and it said turn your ipod off and do the rice thing (im sure you’ve heard it) now i have put the iPod in rice which is in a sandwich bag filled up to the top and in a food container and then in the boiller room because i really dont wont to let the electronic go cause i earn’t so hard getting it and my mum brought it for me passing the 11+ and i love it, i dont think my mom is that impressed by the samsung but worst of all i dont wont to tell her about the ipod do you think it would dry?? Also when i turned the ipod off and put it in rice it kept turning back on but i think it should die soon as the battery was on 3%?? HAS THIS HAPPEND TO U? AND WORST OF ALL DID IT GET FIXED?? P.S ITS THE 3RD GEN 64GB

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