Is black cloudy water comming out of bath faucet safe?

Here’s the whole story…

The manager came over and turned off the hot water heater and said the water was being shut off for a few minutes for some kind of repair and then when he turned the water back on and the hot water heater, we could use water again, and i would turn the sink faucet on and it would spray air/water out sometimes with high pressure, you know, the usual. But a couple hours later i wanted to take a bath and it would do the same thing as the faucet in the sink. Let me get to the point now, sometimes for a second or 2, black cloudy water would come out of the bathtub faucet, so i decided to let it run for a minute, and it didn’t do it again. But what if it happens while i’m taking a bath?

1.)Is it safe to take a bath in water that has a little bit of this black stuff in it?
2.)What is it?


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