Is it Natural for Less attrative people to be Jealous of Better looking people?

Alright look, I’m not big headed, or eco centric by any means. I’m actually a pretty shy guy. I’m apparently nice looking because I’ve been told by many. But I do not act cocky, or as if I’m above others. I’m 28 yrs old, half white half black. Recently I went on a road trip with a guy friend of mine, and 3 of his female Co-Workers. This guy friend, who lied to his wife, had the hots for 1 of the girls on the trip. Non of my business you know? Yes I think it’s sleazy for him to do this behind his wifes back, but I’m single, why not join the trip. Well, While on the trip, his 3 skany co-workers, who non of which I got with, were relentlessly coming on to me. While we were drunk at a bar, one of the girls , the main one he had the hots for, straddled me on a chair and put her tongue down my throat. I literally Removed her off my lap, not that I did not find her attractive, she was very, but she reeked of cig smoke.Clearly was a slut, After getting her off of me, I said to her in front of my guy friend, " Why don’t you focus on him", she goes " Because Im not attracted to him". After that night, literally, which was the first night, I basicly did my own thing and left him alone. The next morning I woke up early from the hotel room and left before they woke up, didn’t come back to the room until 3am. Literally! Now, on the 3rd day we drove back.

After returning, I got calls from many Neutral friends, who tell me the guy who I went on the trip with, is furious with me. He came back and told abunch of people that " I was self absorbed, and full of myself". I know exactly what his problem is, his problem is he could not hook line and sink with any of the women who were with us, I think he is seriously jealous that the girl he wanted the most told me in front of him that she was not attracted to him, who wouldn’t be upset with that? But that’s not my fault! I tried to throw him a bone but it didn’t work. I’m not rubbing anything in his face, it’s not my fault the girls he likes aren’t into him, Ive known him for 10+ Years. Last summer, he accused his wife of trying to get with me at a party, and I had to defend his wife the next day, because she called me and said he said he was going to leave her. He accused her because we had a conversation at a dinner party, and she made a joke about having large breasts to me,, . He heard her say this joke because he was standing next to her. That he was at!!! He was telling her he was going to leave her and their baby. All of this was in his head. Should I even bother calling him? Or should I just leave it alone.

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