Is it ok to move my guinea pigs to the basement?

My mom wants me to move my guinea pigs to the basement so that my room stays cleaner, I can have more room in my room (I’m re-doing my bedroom), I can make them a huge cage and so the smell of hay (which I’m allergic to) won’t be so strong. Our basement is finished. It has a few windows that I can set up their cage around, it has lighting, a dehumidifier, heating and I would put a space heater down there too. I’m not sure how warm it is down there. It;s a little colder than our house (70 degrease) so maybe about 65? But it is warmer than a garage which some people put their guinea pigs in. I use fleece bedding which keeps them extra warm too. I have more than one so they are usually snuggling together. They would get just as much attention as they would upstairs and maybe even more since we’re re-doing the basement too with a movie theater and game room. And it wouldn’t be a bother to get them food and water because there’s a bar with a fridge and we have 3 sinks down there. Would this be ok?

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