Is it really reasonable for the downstairs neighbors to insist that I not use my shower because it leaks?

Last Saturday morning the neighbor below me came to my door and said that water was leaking from their ceiling into their bathroom because I’d just taken a shower. I live alone and normally take brief showers to minimize water consumption (not because of the neighbor, but to be eco-friendly) but on that day more water was used because an out of town friend was staying with me for the weekend and used the shower before I did. The neighbor said that a few months ago a crack had appeared in their ceiling after I’d taken a shower, but he hadn’t been too concerned about it because it was small. That crack continued to grow apparently, but he failed to notify me or the management company. On Friday the water was pouring down so much he had to put a garbage pail in the bathroom to catch it all. I asked him to call the emergency number for the management company since I couldn’t see or describe the problem. He choose not to because he said it would cost too much for an emergency plumber to come out. We have affection for the elderly couple who own the building and hadn’t wanted them to get an outrageous bill. However, in a situation like this, it seems like it be worthwhile to have someone come immediately. He did talk to someone over the weekend and said that repairmen would come first thing Monday morning. I stayed at home that morning to let them in (and because when they’ve done work in the past, they’ve left a terrible mess and I wanted them to please clean up after themselves this time) but no one came. I called the maintenance number and never got a returned call. I also submitted a maintenance request form online. The neighbor said he would continue to follow up with them. It’s now Tuesday afternoon and no one has come by or called.

The neighbor insists I absolutely cannot turn on my shower or sink until the problem is resolved. I just finished business school and have a round of job interviews this week! Having to go to the gym to use the shower every day is a major hassle. He’s panicked about it because he spent his own money to install hardwood floors in the apartment and does not have any insurance for the, so the water could damage the floors.

This is not some low-rent place. It’s a nice building in a very nice part of LA, but the property management company that runs it now does a lousy job with repairs. I’m paying 00 a month and have to use the kitchen sink just to brush my teeth.

What’s a reasonable time frame for not using the shower? I don’t know why the neighbor didn’t call months ago and get this matter resolved before it escalated to this point. Should I be the one hammering the property management people every hour about this, or should he be a little more proactive?
GPRS – This problem has not caused any damage within my unit. My shower is perfectly operational, and leak is only in the unit below mine. That person has chosen to make this all my problem and asked me not to use my shower until everything is fixed. He did say I could use his, but we keep totally different hours so they’re rarely home when I am and vice versa.

The landlord has not asked me to stop using the shower. I’ve just stopped using it because the guy below asked me not to. I’ve wanted to be a good neighbor, but this is getting to be unreasonable.

Thanks for the answers

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