Is it reasonable to use bottle jacks to fix a weak floor, instead of sister columns attached to the joists?

I had a contractor come out and check out my floor, for which he said he could charge me 320$ to repair and/or install bottle jacks to strengthen a couple areas of my floor that are weak. The house sits on a crawlspace and I stuck my head down there (he didn’t actually go underneath) and I saw one of wood columns was sitting offcenter from it’s concrete footing. This is directly underneath the area that is weak.

Also above the two really weak floor areas, there are hairline cracks that run from the doorframe up towards the roof. one is diagonal and goes toward an outer-wall…the wood floor facing this outer-wall is sloping down towards it…I am curious if this can be the columns or a bigger problem such as sinking foundation…I didn’t see any cracks when I looked -from afar- under the crawlspace.

I also found a termite sticker, but it was back form 2005, before I bought this house.

Could this be something as simply repaired as fixing the wood columns?…or could there be something else going on?…what should I look for, that would give me more info? .

Thank you all very much for your time and thoughts!

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