Is it wrong that I want to leave America?

I love America, more than any country in the world. But part of me wonders if that’s because it’s the ONLY country I’ve ever known. When I look at America, I see my brothers and sisters, with a rich history and past behind us, and a promising, undiscovered future ahead. But I also realize that past and future aren’t present. The United States has been called a sinking ship by many people; I have no choice but to agree, for that’s all I see as well. I’m only fifteen, but I LOVE America, and yet, I can’t wait to get out of it. I’ve really got nothing here, no friends, no family, so it’s not like anybody would miss me… But part of me feels that if I leave, I’d be abandoning this ship, and isn’t a crew supposed to go down with the vessel? I feel like if I do leave, and turn my back on the United States, I wouldn’t be… I wouldn’t be American, anymore. Is it wrong that I want to leave America?

I ask no rude comments, but speak your mind, I suppose… I’ve already been called a f*ggot by my brother, the same by my best friend; what stung most of all is when my dad and mom said I needed to grow up, because if I did leave, I wouldn’t be able to land on my feet financially. But, to me it sounded like I was being told to forget the American way… To always try my best, work my hardest, and that I’d never truly fail until I stop trying.
By "leave", I mean for good…
@ George: I’m not talking about leaving right now… What, did you think I’m rebellious, or something? No, I’m talking about when I get out of High School, if not college. Sorry, I thought you should be able to insinuate that. Look, my family has been split up drastically because of issues I’d rather not get into, which is why I said what I’d said. And by friends, I should’ve put acquaintances… Do you really have nothing better to do than to call a 15 year old a hypocrite, when you probably skim-read the whole thing? Apologies if I’m offending you, but it’s people like you that make me frown, because they go around blindly insulting people they don’t know, for what? To make their day, make them feel better for putting down an insignificant child merely asking for what’s advertised as a “helping community’s” two-cents. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had such happen to me, I’d have enough to pay off the US debt, and then wouldn’t feel soooooo obligated to leave.

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