is my lip piercing infected.?

saturday on august 8th i went to a tattoo parlor to get my lip pierced. i got the piercing on my bottom lip on the left side. he told me to rinse my mouth with salt water every night and to clean the outside with warm water and soap and using a qtip. the next day my lip was swollen and it still is today august 10th but i think it might be going down a little. theres only a little bit of pain when i touch the lip on the outside. on the outside of my lip around the stud there is no red circle and no puss really comes out. he gave me a extra long bar with a HUGE ball on the end. on the inside of my lip it feels like the back is sinking into my lip and when i look at it it appears to be sinking in there. when i push it out so i can look at it there is like missing skin forming a red circle the size of the back. is there anyway to fix that, is it normal? please help.
the mark in the inside isnt a mark

its like a huge indent

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