is my monroe piercing infected?

So i got my monroe pierced on friday, which was about 5 days ago. the piercer i went to did not have a wide variety of jewelery and even had me "go down the street" to a store to buy a longer bar for my piercing. they only had two sizes and neither were very long but i got the longer size. he didnt even check my ID or make me sign a release form, the only reason i stuck with him is cause my friend has gotten all her past piercings done by him and theyre fine. so he uses a plastic clamp (although he did show me that the needle and clamp were in the original packaging). he took FOREVER TO GET THE NEEDLE THROUGH. literally took like 1 minute to get it from one side of my lip to the other. i felt the layers of skin ripping. -__-

finally it was done and he even took awhile to screw the jewelry in. (also, he pierced it from the outside in instead of inside out).

my piercing has been red and somewhat swollen with whitishyellowish ooze coming out and forming crusties, is this normal since its only been 5 days or is it infected? also, i was at the doctor for something unrelated, a sore throat, and he mentioned that i should take my piercing out (however, i feel like doctors are just always anti-piercing for some reason).

i am going to a more reputable piercer on friday to get my bar changed out for a longer one, as my stud sinks into my skin at times.

is it infected?? or is this the normal healing process?

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