Is my story going well?

Please read all and tell me if you like it or hate it, and tell me ways to improve.

It was an ordinary day on Javen street, well, so we thought… Today the Ashfords and the Blairs are moving on Javen street, they are going to be on both sides of our house. My house is number 57. I live with my mom Jolene, my Dad Chris, and my twin sister Ava. We are rich and live in a suburban area. Our house is and light a dark brick house. Its a two story house, with a basement and no attic. Most of the walls in our house are glass, but a few are cement. Inside its mostley white, all the house are mostley white on out street. Also, flat roofs. Our living room is huge, it has tons of C.Ds, and one huge black flat screen T.V. There are two stair cases in the living room, one is a light grey spiral stair case going to the basement. The other one is a huge straight stair case going to the top floor. The stiar case is about as long as a love seat and a half. Also, the railing is clear. In the living room, there is a storm door, with a huge white deck outside, and some more stairs, there is a bg garage under the deck. Back in the living room there are two white love seats up against white walls in front of the T.V. All over the house there are bright green plants. There are five bathrooms, two in the basement, one on the main floor, and two upstaires. Between the kitchen and the living room there is a bathroom. The kitchen is beside the living and the huge stair case. The kitchen is big, and all the walls are glass except for the ones that sperate the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen has an long island, the cabnets are white and the counter tops are light grey. All the counter tops are the same. Also, there are dark grey bar stools around the island. There is a white fridge, and two white stoves, a dishwhaser and two grey sinks , one on the island and one one the counters. A big padeo door is int he kitchen. Upstaires there is a big landing on the top of the staires, then three halls connecting to them. The one on the left leads to a bathroom and the master bed room, where Chris and Jolene sleep. The one on the right leads to Avas, room, and another bathroom. The one in the middle leads to my room and a spare room. At the end of each hallway there is a big window, looking over the backyard. The backyard is huge, the grass is very bright green, and a light grey fence. Behind the backyard is a very dark, gloomy forest.
I was watching hockey on our flat screen, at six o’clock when i heard a honk. I went to the open storm door, and looked out the screen door. Two moving trucks were outside. They pulled up to number 55.
"Mom!" I yelled.
"Yeah Benji." She yelled back. I hate it when she calls my Benji, everytime she says that i tell her to call me benjimen.
"What family is moving to number 55?" I asked while walking to the kitchen which is were she is.
"Umm, I think the Ashfords." she replied. "Why?"
"They are here." I grabbed a bag of spicy dirotoes. And faced my mom. Her medium lenght blond and brown hair looked wavy. Also, her bright Hazel eyes were bright. She was wereing a pair of old blue jeans, with a red sweater. After my mom replied "Okay." i went back to the living room.
After half-an-hour, I went to the door again, and saw no moving trucks. How could they be done so fast. I thought, Oh well. My dad was paying me 50bucks to greet the family moving in number 59. My mom was paying Ava 40 bucks to greet the Ashfords. Im getting more money, I will do anything for money. Ava is three minutes older than me. I am supposed to get Ava when both families are here, so we can both go at once. We are giving them Apple pie, Its my favorite. I might eat it before i get there. Our parents treat me and Ava like we are 10 years old. We are 19 for petes sake. We will be 20 in 9 months. Our birth date is May 16th.
I went back to watching hockey. Hockey is my favorite sport, next to basketball. The game ending in like 10 minutes. Ottawa won, againsted the capitals. Ottawa is my favorite team for hockey. I wanted to watch more sports games, there was only golf, I hate golf. I decied to play basketball, I went upstaires to change into shorts and a muscle shirt.I passed a mirror getting to my room down the middle hallway, My short brown hair with blond highlights were all messed up, and my bright greens are were bright. Also, I never noticed how tall i was, and how pale my skin was.

Thats just the beginning.

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