Is the landlord responsible for this repair?

i moved into a rental property in January.I have a leak under my kitchen sink everytime that I turn the water on and I have told the landlord about it and he does not seem to be concerned with fixing it and kind of blew me off.But my main issue is the where the water from the kitchen sink and washing machine drain.When ever there is water running in the sink or when ever the washing machine is ran the water drains from the side of the house directly into the yard.So basically when I ever I do dishes or wash clothes there is a huge puddle of dirty water in the yard.Its like ther are no pipes connected to the sink or washing machine that the water is just free to drain outside.The wall next to the washing machine has already began to show water damage and I am concerned about mold developing.Is the landlord required to fix this and what can I do to make sure that this is repaired.I live in Indiana by the way so I dont know if this is a sanatation issue or not
the funny thing is after I moved in the neighbor told me that the house has plumbing issues so this is an on going problem that he knew about before hand..

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