is there a "sink-safe" paint or finish?

our kitchen sink is probably the original sink in the house (30 years old). it is (or at least used to be) white-ish. the problem is that the white along the bottom is very scratched and or dingy yellowish/brownish. it looks and feels like the sink is made of porcelain or ceramic material. HOWEVER, a magnet sticks to it so it has at least some form of steel base.

i am not planning on replacing it, because i lost my job and we will probably have to move. i want to make this look good to make the house that much easier to sell, but i don’t like doing a 1/2 a$$ed job either. i certainly cannot afford to replace the sink right now.

so my question is, is it normal to paint a steel sink? and if so, what kind of paint is the right kind of paint? i would think paint would just chip or scratch off. do porcelain/ceramic sinks have a steel base? how can i fix this without changing the sink out?

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