is this a good beginning for a story?

well I was planning to write a short story on the R.M.S Titanic (the story is based on the 2 nights – 14th and 15th April 1912: on the 14th, they struck the iceberg and began to sink and on the 15th Titanic actually did sink) so I wanted to know if this was a good introduction to the story.

I’d also like to say this before I put my beginning on here, please don’t copy any of my sentences or phrases straight off of here. I thought and wrote them myself. Thanks.

"The portholes glowed amber, each bright light reflected on the water’s surface. Each circular patch of light glided along the misty water, like the boat they belonged to. The silver moon was heavily guarded by a line of grey clouds, the wind danced through the air, and past the vessel; the chilled night need only hang for a few more hours – before a thin line of mauve, blue, lilac and pink was visible on the shards of ice that were being guided by the current.
The boat slid through the water, her streamlined front pushing the water to her left and right; as if creating a path, a way through. Her funnel’s gave off large puffs of dark smoke, that lingered in the air for a split second before the dark night absorbed them; making them a part of the darkness.
Written on one side of this ship, the finest vessel that had yet set sail, were the words R.M.S. Titanic

2 men stood up in the front crow’s nest; their noses cherry red, their breaths clear and heavy, and their hands clasped together in a failing attempt to keep them warm…"

That is as far as I have got, but if you think it’s worth carrying on, please say :)
only constructive feedback please. Thanks

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