Is this a good description for the house in my story?

Please Critique! :)

Of all places including London and Paris and Ireland, our story starts in America in a small English Brick home. The bricks are red, and there is always a light shining in at least one of the windows. The house has a scent of pine, and the living room is painted a dazzling light blue. A sofa and matching chair are both dressed in cozy cream-colored slip-covers. Wooden, the floor stretches all across the room with no carpet to hide it. A small TV sits on a set by the wall. On the coffee table sits a little pot of red roses. Across the small hallway is the kitchen where she cooks. The walls are the same color as the living room. There is a set of mahogany chairs gathered around their mother table. Another pot of roses is sitting in the middle of this table. But these roses are white. As in most kitchens, there is a stainless white counter, oven, refrigerator, and cabinets. The sink is in the middle of the counter.
The bedroom is right next to the kitchen. There is a green bedding on the king sized bed, the walls glow an olive green, and the wardrobe is mahogany. Most bedrooms have closets, but this one doesn’t. She hangs her clothing on the right side of the wardrobe, and he hangs his on the left. Then there is the office right across the hall with file cabinets and plain while walls. A desk sits in the middle holding a computer with a keyboard. All day she will hear the tap tap tap of his fingers on the keys.
Upstairs there is only one room. The nursery of the baby. The walls glow a soft yellow brightened y the sun coming in from the window. A bassinette rests by one wall, dressed in yellow with white lace. There is a rocking chair sitting next to the bassinette, and a toybox filled with baby toys and big brown teddy bears sits across from it. The changing table is filled with diapers and clothing for the baby. The basement holds a family room with walls colored dark red and a big fireplace in front of a big couch. A bar rests in one corner, and there is another television set in the other corner.

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