Is this poem any good?? ?

Its 2 A.M., Here I sit at the same place I first met you, Thinking of when I first laid eyes on you. Your skin as beautiful as the pale moon light, a smile that was just a twinkle in the night, eyes sparkled like the stars so bright, just an breath taking sight. Like an angle that fell from the sky, I couldn’t believe my eyes, all I could do was admire you from across the bar, my heart sank and all my muscles flexed. I was just perplexed that one so beautiful would stumble in at that time of night. But what a sight for sore eyes you were, I wanted to speak but I sat in dismay what would I say, A woman like that, far to beautiful for a man like me, cue the drunken Timbo to create a moment, a moment where I wouldn’t be shaken, I beamed with confidence as I came up to you, Alas here I sit as the nights pass by where I don’t see you, I sit here and wait, like a little boy trying to catch a fire fly alone in the night. Waiting for that moment to recapture what was lost, Longing for a woman that shines like the pale moon light, Her seductive eyes , her breath taking smile, tempts me to dance with the devil in the pale moon light. So here I sit alone at the bar in that every same chair where I first laid eyes on you. Wishing to see you walk through that door at 2 A.M.

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