Is this too good to be true?

I have always lived with my parents. Even in college, I lived at home and commuted. I have to find my own place because I’ve graduated and found a job 75 miles away from my home town. I’ve been checking out apartments online and apartments in the area start out at 0 for what appear to be crappy efficiencies.

I checked out Craig’s List and found an ad under roommates wanted. I’ll be renting half a converted attic which includes a private bathroom (shower, toilet and sink). Common rooms are the living rom, dining room, kitchen, gym, laundry room and back yard. Rent is 5 (first two month’s rent payable up front for a trial period), plus 1/4 of the utilities plus every other month for a slush fund.

There are four other bedrooms and a total of 5 residents.

Chores are on a rotating basis and once every 5 weeks you have a week where you are responsible for keeping up the yard (mowing in the summer, raking leaves in the fall and shoveling snow in the winter.)

I said I was interested but wanted some time to think about. it. He told me that if I pay for the background check I can have until Friday to decide.

Here are the pros:

The house looks great.
It’s in a great location. It is next door to the post office and only six blocks from where I’m working. I can save a lot on gas just getting to and rom work.
It is super-cheap. 5 is less than half I thought I would have to spend on rent.

I will be signing on before meeting the roommates. Two of them are law school stdents who have not returned from the semester and the other two were at work. The owner was nice enough but I’ll be in close quarters with four other guys I have never met.

No off street parking and the street looked pretty crowded for a work day. There’s a two car garage, but I won’t have access to it. On snow emergencies, he said the post office doesn’t enforce their one hour or its towed rule and there is a library three blocks away that closes and it’s parking lot is also up for grabs.

And this one–it seems too good to be true.

Part of me tells me I’ll be a fool to pass it up and half of me tells me it’s too good to be true.

Anyone, please advise–especially those who have lived in such an arrangement.

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