Is this what it is like to be "broke" when you are "rich"?

I just went through paying the monthly bills a few hours ago and including an unplanned for ,000 auto repair and a 0 pool pump replacement (plus I had 2 last second flights across country last month that put a hit on my checking account) and when I finished I only had 0 dollars left in checking…which is the lowest it’s been in years…anyway I told the wife to watch what we spend cause we are basically broke. Whenever I feel financial pressure it bothers me, so I have been thinking about how I ran up so many bills…then I opened my brokers statement and saw it was almost K, and I do have probably another K in savings bonds and miscellaneous savings accounts, and my 401K is around 0K…so after that sunk in that bad feeling of being "broke" subsided…then it dawned on me that only the rich would consider that being broke…which put a smile back on my face…just curious what others think.

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