just got my monroe pierced, help!?

I just got my monroe pierced Monday and the healing seems to be going pretty normal. It’s a tad swollen and red on the outside but other than that it seems fine. Except my piercer used a regular size 16g bar with a diamond on the end to pierce and I thought that normally they use a longer bar, but he didn’t. I asked him and he just said to follow proper aftercare and I should be fine. The diamond on the outside sinks into my face just a little and if i push the inside with my tongue it will move out so its not really embedded into my lip a whole lot I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem?? Also, I was wondering what others did about the swelling. I’m just talking some motrin and gently sucking on ice from time to time. If you have any answers or opinions they would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :)
went into the shop and they said its healing normally but the sinking seems to be getting just a little worse. let’s hope its not bad when i wake up!!
so it’s Sunday now and the front of my piercing still gets caught sunk inside my skin a little, the back is fine inside my mouth but it just does not look too cute from the outside lol.. one of my friends recommended spraying Bactine on it but I wasn’t too sure about that. Any other ideas????

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