Landlord issues and I want to move…?

He’s the kind of guy that won’t just accept 30 days notice. He’ll want to come out and inspect every nook and cranny of the house, and talk about why we want to move and tell us what it is we need to do before hand.

This is in no way a "fine" house. It’s very old, sinks leak, toilet doesn’t work right, drains don’t go down right….since we moved in. He’s always "gonna" send someone out, but never does. Windows were painted shut when we moved in, there aren’t any screens. But when things go wrong and we absolutely have to break down (which isn’t often) and call him it’s always our fault. If the air goes out it’s because we don’t change the filter enough, if the toilet messes up, our kids did it. Hot water heater started smoking, we must have let water get in the opening. He doesn’t want us running the furnace all the time because if something happens he has to pay to repair it, so we HAVE to plastic the windows on a nights notice. Anyways we’re just really tired of it.

Anyways we are on a month to month lease (for the past year) and the landlord has security and last months rent – if we don’t ask for either back and just move one day is there anything he can really do? I’m sure our nosy neighbors will call him when they see the pods dropped off, but if he just comes over (which he will) can we just ask him to leave? I would love to be able to talk with him about it we’ve always had great rental refrences – but it seems out of the question. Am I still obligated to pay rent? Doesn’t him keeping my last qualify?
Yes the security is as much as the rent. Yes I am current on the rent – the house minus 2 years normal wear and tear is in the same condition as when we moved in. I wasn’t going to leave and not let him know we moved until he discovered it, (if it happened not to be the exact time we were loading) I was going to call and inform him he was welcome to keep the money he had, and that we had sent the keys to his PO Box. He does have the last months rent – as long as he knew we were gone and was welcome to do as he wanted w/ the house again isn’t that technically my 30 days w/ payment?

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