Landlord tenant question?

We moved into a house Jan 2008. When we moved in the house was in Average condition at that time we didn’t see any issues aside of a broken window. The landlord told us he was going to come in and take out the sink and toilet in the spare bathroom and repair the window and replace the back wooden porch. On the rental listing it said "no pets" but we had a cat and chinchilla and we asked if they were ok and the owner said "yes" We moved in. Soon after we moved in he replace the back porch but never did anything with the bathroom or window. About 3 mo. later the house flooded because the pipe burst under the sink and damaged the floors in just over half the house. The back porch light stopped working and the front one started flipping the power off in half the house. The heating vents in half the house stopped heating half the house and he never fixed it. (my husband did) than the other one did it to and he finally sent in a repair man who fixed it. (2 mo. before we moved in Jan 2011. He fixed the light that flipped off the power but never the back porch light. He never repaired the floors from the flood or the bathroom or the window. My husband painted the entire exterior of the house for off our rent. We asked when we moved in if we could paint my daughter room and they said "yes they didn’t mind, they were going to be taking out the modular in a few years and building a new place so they didn’t care" In early 2009 we asked them if we could have a couple of puppies and they said yes.
Now we lived for over a year with no back porch light, all the floors were warped and soft in places for nearly the entire time there. We asked permission for our cat and even the puppies and offered to not get them if they cared. We asked if we could paint the bedroom.
40 days after moving out I called them about our deposit they old me I wasn’t getting any back. when I asked about an itemized statement they got really mad and 5 days later I got on in the mail not only taking all our deposit but also wanting 2500 more. They stated we didn’t change filters for the A/C which we did, we didn’t put Salt in the conditioner which we did when we found out my father we had to. We painted that room and brought our animals in with out their permission so they say. Would you sue for our deposit back or make a deal and leave it alone?
Well you all seem to think we did something. He told us the bathroom needed replacing he had replaced the other before we moved in and said he would get to it. The modular was build in 1979 and it the same bathroom. It’s his responsibility to maintain the house. Renter insurance would have repaired only house hold goods in a rental, the owner should have filed a home owners claim for the water repair not me. In addition to the mold from the water damage and bugs that came in from the splits in the floor. The back porch was falling off when we moved in and we agreed with the lease because of repairs he was doing. We left the house in better condition aside of the damage from his negligence of not repairing from the water leak. I think he just got to busy to file a claim trying to work and now wants up to foot the bill.
The deadline for the idamized statement was 30 days from move out which he missed bye 20 days or more.
Oh yea and we didn’t just bring in animals. We told them when we moved in that we had animals and they said it was fine. This was before we signed the lease, the lease said we couldn’t bring in animals with out written consent. Which is our mistake, we didn’t get it written. The porch, sink and toilet were supposed to be replaced because the porch was dangerous, the sink and toilet were from 1979. (we met the owners who put the modular there and they said it was the ones that came in it from 1979. When they didn’t do it 4 to 6mo.later the water line burst while we were gone. I’m guessing he expected that since why else would he suggest it be replaced if he trusted it as safe.
woops 45 days from move out which he missed by 5 days. In addition to I called him a week from move out confirming he had our address and he said his wife would get back with me if she didn’t have it. I waited until the deadline in hopes of either getting a letter from him stated what he was taking out of our deposit or our check. But neither showed up so we called him to ask him if it was in the mail and his wife yelled at us and got it in the mail. But it was late by than. What concerns me the most is, if we really owed him 00 more than our deposit wouldn’t he have made sure it was in the mail. So what that says to me is it wasn’t more or it was his responsibility for what he’s now trying to charge me for or he would have made sure we were aware of money we owned him. But now that we’re wanting a statement he’s trying to demand money from us. I don’t think it’s fair we lived on unsafe floors for nearly 2 1/2 yrs, we had no back porch light and even had no power n 1/2 hour house f

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