Landlord vs tenant question-answer PLEASE!!?

So we’ve been renting at this place for 4 years now.when my husband and I have small problems (shower leaking,paint chipping,pipes under sink need repaired etc.)we just take care of the situation ourselves.I enjoy gardening so I’ve always pulled weeds and have really improved the place by putting some effort in.when we first moved in our landlord brought mulch over and asked if we could spread it in the flower beds which we did.however the mulch has broken down and we are starting to have a major weed problem and I just can’t keep up with it seems like every time I have a spare moment I’m out there picking weeds& I’m having a hard time doing it with having 2 small children and working parttime.SO I told my landlord the situation and asked if he could have mulch brought over and we would spread it.he feels WE should pay for the mulch and not I unreasonable in my request?if it were me I would be thrilled my renters would care enough about the place to keep it looking presentable!who’s in the wrong here?thank you!
I’m not requesting anything like a certain color mulch or anything fancy just for my viewing pleasure.the mulch is strictly for reducing weeds so I’m not constantly dealing with them.honestly I was never considering he would turn me down since the alternative would be just letting the flower beds go and letting the weeds take would be a shame since we faithfully keep the HUGE lawn cut trimmed etc.also he never had us sign a lease since he’s a friend of a friend

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