landlord/tenant relationship gone sour, what now?

So I have heard this before… I was always afraid about it happening to me… well, my day it’s here.
I am a landlord of one residential home, and my tenant, well… things are not going too well with her.

We signed a 12month lease agreement. First 9months, all was good. After that… well… things started breaking… according to her "wear & tear", I know it’s been abuse… just because the things were brand new. Example: I put up some blinds right before I put the property for rent… now those blinds won’t cover the light when closed… yup. They’re torn, broken, into little tiny pieces…

Also, there was a water leak cause by her trying to fit a HUGE metal box under her sink… well, she did not notify me of the leak on time… the kitchen cabinet has to be changed… she claims is "wear and tear"… *sigh*… I do inspections every 4months… I try not to bother my tenants much by doing more… I wish she would have told me of the leak before. I explained this was negligence on her part, and that well… she was responsible for the cost. She still claims it’s not. At the end, I did all repairs myself and told her to forget about it… she is just an extremelly disrespectful and aggressive lady. I just do not want my property to suffer even more… so rather try keep her somewhat happy.

Either way, the lease is up in exactly 62 days from today, so I sent her the BYE BYE notice, telling her there won’t be a lease renewal. She got furious, like usual, and asked to have proof of her security deposit. I re-sent her all the info I had given her when she first moved in: bank name, bank address, bank account, told her it was on a separate non interest account, and the whole nine-yards… however, miss tenant says that’s not enough!… since "she has been screwed up before" she requires PROOOOOOF… whatever that means…

So, now what?… do I have to take her to the bank with me to see the bank account? do I give her all the statements? am I even required by law to go beyond what I have done???
Plz… input guys… any input is appreciated it.
God bless you all
Btw… yup… very important… We live in central florida… where Mikey-Mouse lives.
Thank you all for the info… but, I still do not know how to proceed with her asking me for the darn proof… I can give it to her… but am I required by law? I’m tired of giving in to her whiny/non-sense requests.

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