Lip Piercing Embedding?

i got my lip pierced yesterday. and just like my tongue, it swelled up big as crap. well as soon as i got it done the bar was still sticking out and i thought ok it may swell a little. no it swelled a generous amount i feel like someone punched me. today while i was eating the whole stud got sucked into my hole :( i was able to get it out and everything was fine but now its sinking into my skin a little. is there anything other than ice and ibuprofen that will help swelling? i’ve tried everything, tonight im gonna try sleeping with my head elevated above my heart. and im gonna place some gauze in my mouth so that it keeps my stud from sinking in. is this normal? and how long will it stay swollen?
and it doesnt hurt at all. probably my most least painful piercing. its a little red around the hole but no liquid or pus coming out neither. its just the embedding im worried about :/ thanks guys
umm i have 9 piercings. i know how to CLEAN them thats not the problem. i asked what to do about EMBEDDING
and i never said i took the stud out

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