Lip Piercing, Infected or Just Healing?

I just got my lip pierced on Wednesday (it’s now Friday), it was fine when I got it, a little swelling and redness, just a bit sore. My piercer gave me "Dr. Pierce" cleaning solution for my lip, and I have been cleaning it as directed, very often. However, when I woke up this morning, my lip was very swollen, and extremely sore. When I push the stud out with my tongue, a light yellow greeny puss comes out stuck to the bar. Also, there is some redness around the hole. On the outside, it looks like the ball in slightly sinking in, and on the inside, the back plat has left an indent in my lip.

The bar is NOT too short, my piercer left it long for swelling room.
Is it infected, or is it just healing?
Sorry, I was wrong.
It is NOT green, what I meant was, its a light yellow/white.
and I’m POSITIVE the bar is not to short, because when i talk or eat it often gets caught behind my teeth,
my piercer said to go back to him to have him shorten the bar whenever it starts to irritate me.
I’m so worried, will I have to removed my piercing and will it always look so sunken in?

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