Lip Piercing Question/Problem?

I got my llip pierced 4 days ago (straight titanium stud, longer bar for swelling), by a well recommended and skilled pro. Most of the swelling has gone down and it looks great, but on the inside it is still swollen, taking up the whole bar. One the back (inside my mouth) where the stud sits, it feels like it is sinking into my mouth and there is this little red circle that the back of the stud is sitting in. It looks like the regular pinky flesh is starting to cover it, or something.

Does anyone (preferably someone with experience with this problem) know what this is or if it's a problem, and if so, what I should do?

Thanks much,

I am not asking for an opinion on lip piercing here. Obviously my perception is different than yours. Anyways, I have come to believe that when you get a lip piercing, you start with a longer bar so the lip has more room to swell,then downsize when the swelling goes down. I have the longer
also, I rinse with antimicrobial mouthwash after every meal/food, accompanied with two cleanings a day. i keep it as clean as possible.


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