Lip piercing swelling and cleaning.?

Lip was pierced 2 days ago, bottem left side.
the day i got it done it was fine, next day fine, but a tiny bit swelled and tiny bruiseing, but then later that day i ate, i washed my mouth out with achohol free mouth wash, but i stopped because i was told it kills the good bacteria thats trying to heal my lip, so i started just cleaning it with salt water, but then i was told that salt just makes a wound worse, so its the 3rd day, i havnt cleaned it or ate or drunk anything yet, but last night, it swelled up heaps. its almost to big for the bar, coz the piercer didnt put a bigger bar in to compensate for swelling, and its a sunday so the shops closed so i cant go in there and ask, its the 3rd day, and swelling hasnt gone down at all.
also the back disk thing is sinking into the back of my lip.
aaah. idk what to do.

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