Lying boyfriend caught! -what next?

In our 20's, my BF and I have been dating over a year and a half now. We're like best friends and each other's greatest lovers. Up until a few days ago, I thought we could tell each other anything. But then I found his myspace inbox full of messages that contained things he had lied to me about. I don't allow porn in our house- but I found it in his messages (his friend “helping” him out and sending him some), and I saw a message from one friend that was laughing at him for getting thrown out of a bar for being wasted and grabbing girls butts. My heart sank. Sometimes he tells little lies that I catch- but they're nothing- now I feel like he's a pathological liar and can't stop! I made him stop going to the bars and stop seeing 2 of his best buds who help “corrupt” him for a bit- but I STILL feel really hurt. I can't stop imagining him grabbing those girls @ at the bar. We do “alone stuff” EVERYDAY- is that not enough?

How do I gain back my confidence? Or trust in him again??


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