Much needed help with living situation, can u help?

Me, my husband and 3 (ages 5, 7 and 10) children live in a 1969 1 1/2 bedroom mobile home that belongs to my parents. I don’t know what to do anymore because our house is way to small. We put the children in the big room which is 12×10 and we have the little room which only holds our bed. Due to my condition(epilepsy where i have grand mal seizures) we live very close to my family so while he is at work there is always someone here if i need medical help. He is in the Army Reserves but has a full time job that requires him to stay out of town all week. I also can not have a license so that’s another reason we stay close. We have been living in this home for over 5 years and it is just starting to fall down around us. Not to mention my oldest is a girl and really needs her own room. There are so many things wrong with it that it is not worth saving. For example the house has shifted alot (since 1970 when my grandfather put it in) so the windows have leaks, the door doesn’t work very well and leaks every time it rains, there are no doors on the bedrooms, the floor has fall in the bathroom and had to replace it, the floor in the hallway is sinking, the floor has separated from the walls in some places, the counter in the kitchen where the sink is has started to cave in, the plumbing in the bath tub doesnt work because it needs to have all new plumbing and they don’t make the fittings for that make and model anymore and i am 100% positive there is mold in the walls from where the pipes busted where the washing Machine was and were the roof leaks. Please if your reading this i know that it sounds like i am doing nothing but complaining but i am not. I am very blessed and thank god that i have a roof over our heads. It is hard for me to live this way and i don’t like making my children live like this. My husband does what he can to provide for us as a one income family and its just not enough when we have to keep repairing this house that just is not worth it. Not to mention dr. bills for me and my youngest son that is speech impaired. My fear is having my children taken from me. Since he has returned from deployment in Iraq we have tried really hard but we are really not getting anywhere. Again please dont think i am complaing, we just need help and i don’t know what to do or where to go from here. Our families cant do anything more then what they have already done for us. Please if u have any advice i could sure use some right about now. God Bless all of u!!!!! Loving ARMY WIFE of 8 years!

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