My apartment bathroom sink looks like there is mold under it, land lord just wants to caulk it up?

So let me set the scene. Bathroom. The shower tub is next to the sink. The shower head and the sink are against the same wall. There is about 8 inches in between the wooden sink base and the tub. The floors are tiled, so the wood cupboard under the sink is resting on tile. A few months ago we had on two occasions, a mushroom was growing from the sink base.

Fast forward to two days ago, when after months finally brought his foreign maintenance man Goran to look at it. He ended up putting tile along the wall from the floor up to the top of the sink. He did nothing to what I assume is rotting wood that can harbor mushrooms. His solution is to put caulk along the floor, and say it’s our fault that water is splashing on the floor there. It’s not like we are having fukcing pool parties on the bathroom floor.

Is there a mold patch hidden under my sink? I want to get a mold inspector, but really can’t afford it. Should I be worried?

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