my best friend dumped me for her boyfriend?

to make a LONG story short my "best friend" turned 21 and while at the bar she mentioned she thought a guy was cute to me. Outside the bar (and after much drama) her boyfriend called her a whore and took off with his friend. My boyfriend and I (we have both known her for 6 years) took her to another bar, spent a shit load of money getting her drunk, she threw up in our car, took her back to our place. My boyfriend spent over an hour cleaning up her puke while I spent an hour undressing, cleaning her and redressing her and helping her throw up. Then I called her boyfriend because she wanted him to come get her and spent another hour on the phone with him as he SCREAMED in my ear that it was F*****G over and that she’s a whore and a sank and all this stuff (because she thought a boy was cute). well, two days later she tells me her boyfriend has every right to be mad and I went off and told her what I thought of him. Now SHE won’t speak to ME! And I just found out that he got her a promise ring for her birthday. For six years I have put all this time and energy into being the best friend a girl could want just to get left out in the cold over a jerk like this? Help! What should I do?
okay edit! I said I was sorry about an hour later and she said she had nothing to say to me. And by the way all she’s ever done is talk bad about my boyfriend to me non-stop.

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