My boyfriend drinks rarely, so why does it bother me so much?

(Before I begin, note that I am 17 and he is 22 so I am unable to tag along with him to bars, or any adult places of the sort.) I may or not be busy some nights and "Jake" (name changed) will have the night off. We’ll be texting like always and eventually I’ll find out that he’s drinking. Once I find this out, I start worrying my head off and eventually sink into this insane depression which quickly turns to anger. Don’t get me wrong, Jake drinks maybe once a month, if at all.

Just the other night, I had gotten off work, and Jake texted me saying he was out with his friend "Kari who he hasn’t seen in 4 or so years". I thought "Ok, ok, that’s fine." Then I come to find he is out at the bars with her, and I start worrying majorly, especially because that girl is there (who is also drinking). This sets me off more than anything. The depression quickly sets in, then anger. Then I decided to go to bed and now the next morning I am still aggravated even though Jake told me everything was fine and nothing happened (he would never lie to me, we are VERY close).

Why am I acting like this? I don’t understand it at all and I just wish I could trust my own boyfriend! Is it just because I have major trust issues or is there something else going on in my head?

(BTW: Nothing serious has ever happened in my life to make me hate alcohol the way I do, I just do.)

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