My boyfriend *flipped* out at me because I accidentally made small stains on his couch. He called me a Btch?

He just flipped out at me when he saw the stains I made on his couch (chocolate), while he was watching tv, and I was eating dinner at the table.

As soon as he told me about it, I got up to see him, and told him he was right that I shouldn’t eat on the couch (although I think its a really anal rule, and this is the first time I ever have an accident). I said I was sorry, and that I would clean it. By the way, when he called me over, he was really mad, and I responded calmly.

I went back to finish my meal (before starting to clean the stains) and then he really lost it, and called me a B, and that I disrespected his things, and that I didn’t even say sorry or offer to clean it –which I did! –But he was just mad I wasn’t going to let my dinner go cold to clean it RIGHT AWAY, instead of in 10 mins!

At that point, I started to feel like it was just verbal abuse. And he told me if I didn’t stop eating and clean right away, he would throw my dish in the sink. Thats when I stood up to him, and he just stormed off and slammed the door in our bedroom.

I cleaned it, then I started doing other chores. He came out, and instead of just looking and seeing it was clean, he started asking me in an aggressive and raised voice if I had cleaned it. I told him I wouldn’t tolerate the way he spoke to me, and he could go see for himself.

Then, he flipped out again, saying I had no respect, and that he might as well INTENTIONALLY start ruining my things. At that point, I figured there was no point even ‘discussing’ with him, because he was being STUPID. I have never intentionally ruined anything of his, I am generally careful AND I said I was sorry when I saw it!

He kept going, and I lost it, and suddenly just burst out screaming at him to SHUT UP and I grabbed his pull up bar from the door frame, unhatched it, and threw it on the ground close to wear hr was standing. I just couldn’t take him talking to me like that anymore, exagerating the situation, being an anal freak, making me sound to be worse than reality, and because so mental mad that there is no way that I could rationally discuss anything with him.

He dodged the pull up bar although it probably wouldn’t’ve hit him. And he went back into his room and slammed the door.

We do not usually have violent fights, and he is usually not so verbally abusive… but he definitely is fff””’g anal. I can’t believe he called me–out loud– a btch just for accidentally staining the couch. I am so embarassed clearly all neighbours can hear us in the apartment building. I am sick of being talked to like this and disrespected. And he’s probably waiting for ANOTHER apology from ME.

What do you make of this situation.

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