my cold water in the kitchen has no pressure but the rest of the house does, the hot works but not the cold?

It is a single handle faucet, I recently capped the copper pipe in the basement that fed a shower and separate line to a bathroom sink. The pressure from the hot is reduced a little, but it still runs, the cold is next to nothing. All the other faucets in the house work no problem, I shut off the main and drained the system, that did nothing, I let it run for a while, did not work, I let it run while draining the system, still nothing. The line to the cold in the kitchen is the first junction off the main line coming in the house, everything I capped off is after the line to the kitchen sink.

At one point it would run for about 5 seconds then you could hear the pipes "clang" and the water would reduce to a trickle. I have a video of what it is doing, i can send it to anyone who might have a clue.

Thanks for any suggestions
Cheers Chris

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