My Fiancee yells/gets mad at me so easy feels like I live with my mom is this normal?

Im 25 my Fiancee is 23 we have been together for almost 2 years and been engaged and lived with each other for over a year and a half. Our wedding is set for next summer. She is in her last year of school and works 20hrs a week and I work 40 hrs a week.

My fiancee is very clingy and demanding which I accept and love her with all my heart anyway, but she yells at me all day long over little things or nothing and I feel like I live with my mom or parents and Im not sure if this is normal. The whole house can be clean and I can leave a bowl in the sink or a soda can on the counter and she gets pissed at me and yells over something so small. I usually cook her food and If shes hungry and I don’t make her food she yells at me and acts like its my responsibility to feed her and decide what she eats.

I work late half the time at work and like to sleep in and catch up on sleep alot bc im tired and soar. My fiancee gets mad at me if she wakes up early and I don’t get up with her even though she had the day off and did nothing and I worked hard and late and am very tired.

I just bought a wii for her last week and today we went to play together and it wouldnt turn on. I dont know what happend but she started yelling at me for it, getting super mad when I was trying to see what was wrong and I dont get why someone would yell for no reason. I never yell at her at all and dont see why you would yell at someone like that if you love them.

I feel like she treats me like im her kid or that im living with parents. So i leave a few small things like a pair of pants or a can or bowl in the sink. That doesnt make me messy or a slob. And no reason to be mean and yell at someone when its there place to and they pay just as much rent as you.

Just wondering if all women are like this and yell alot over stupid stuff, and take out all there stress on there guy. because I really don’t kno whow much longer I can take it.

I dont smoke, drink, go to bars or do anything bad. I work hard and love my fiancee to death, I dont see why I should be treated this way or why she would want to marry someone she yells at so much. Anyway I know its long just want to know what other people think. Im no angel but im a damn good guy.
Also wanted to add that I came from a good family and have 2 younger bros that are my best friends and she has 4 sisters and a screwed up mean bitchy family and there all mean to her except her dad. I know her family is super messed up and she tells me they messed her up as well.
Very good points and thanks for taking the time to post. My fiancee is very loving and I feel like she has 2 personalitys. One super sweet side, and then the bitchy mean side. The problem is if I dont do everything she wants I get the mean side, but if I give her all my attention and do eveyrhting she wants I get a very sweet loving side of her.

I know people dont change and to be honest I noticed since she went back to school a few weeks ago she got alot worse and she also tells me her last year is so hard and with work shes so stressed out which i know is true.

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