My girlfriend is missing in China and I feel helpless?

We have traveled though-out China together for the last year. We are engaged and expecting a baby in September. Yesterday, I was at the computer bar and she went out for a walk. After that, she came back and I told her I needed another hour. She didn’t want to wait there so she went for another walk and I have not seen her since. We do not have phones or anything to keep in touch. We are simply together always so we have no use for them. Plus, we have no other friends to call.

I waited at the computer bar for ten hours and then it became night and I thought she could have got lost. I went to our planned meeting spot for this scenario but she was not there. I talked to the school guard with the help of a student nearby and gave them her details. They said I could not file a missing persons report until tomorrow. I have looked at every possible option and simply do not have any available besides going there in the morning and waiting for her throughout the day.

I feel helpless. I feel scared. I feel there is absolutely nothing I can do at this point except fear. My heart is sinking and I need some statistics on adult missing persons. I need to know what are the chances she is ok or not.

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