My husband went to a strip club while out of town and didn't bother to tell me. Found out from a cup. WTH?

We had been planning to go together for some spice in our marriage, but HE ended up going without me while out of town on business. Some place called, Mustang Sally's in PA. He left the cup on the sink for me to see because he thought I would not be upset. I am not exactly mad at the fact that he went I am mad he didn't tell me at the time it happend. He was gone for 3 1/2 weeks on this job, and not once did he bother to let me know through all our extensive communication by phone and text. I feel betrayed because I was under the impression that us going to a strip club was something special for us and only us, now I am not so excited about going anymore. He jumped the gun and went without me. I also feel so deceived at his lack of communication about it, and for some reason my self-esteem is a little shattered and my trust for him just went out the window. This all coming at a time when just 2 months ago he told me he did not love me anymore and that he wanted a divorce. But, recently said he wanted to work things out, and stay together.

He claims to have gone with some guys from the job site, and he was only there a couple of hours. I asked him if he wore his wedding ring, and he lied and said yes. I always know when he is lying, so I called him on it. Then he retracted and said well we can't wear jewlery on site. Which is true because he works on UPS batteries.
He also told me it was a juice bar, which I know is totally nude, but he claims it was not, but when I looked up the strip club website…it surely is.

What the hec is going on here? I am so confused not only with his actions on divorce and then wanting to stay together, but going to a club and not bothering to tell me. I had to find out from the cup sitting on the sink from the club. I am so hurt right now. I seriously do not want him to even touch me.
I asked if he got a lap or private dance and said, No. That he only tipped .00 to a dancer on stage.
This feeling of uncertainty and betrayel is really eating at me. He gone to Wichita now until Wednesday, and I have no desire to call him.


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