My Landlord/maintenance man won't send me a new copy of the lease and won't fix anything!?

I always send out my rent on time.. I’ve been living in this apartment for about 3 years now and have only signed one lease (the one when I moved in). My Landlord specifically wrote on the original lease that I am to do no maintenance in my apt. but w/ him living about 2 hours away, he never comes out to fix anything either and I call him and send him a letter (even verifiable mail) about all the repairs needed and he’ll call back w/ a day he’s coming out and then never does and I can’t get a hold of him either. When I complain about this to him he says "if you have a problem w/ the way I do things then move, I have plenty of other applications" and I don’t doubt that b/c this is a small town and what he charges for a 2 bedroom is the cheapest I’ve found w/o it being income-based. I asked for a receipt for my deposit and never received one either and every month ask for a new lease but also, never receives one. I really don’t want to move b/c I’m in good location for work and I really don’t want to loose my deposit..but I don’t know what to do.

Current list of repairs:
Furnace duct below my bedroom fell or cracked and now only outside air blows in (yeah, it was a cold winter and my utility bill was a little more than half my rent b/c my heat wouldn’t "kick off" on its own.
pipe under kitchen sink is leaking and needs replaced.
2 burners on my stove spark and dont heat properly… burners are all the way in, he had to ‘fix’ this problem before
when he fixed my bathroom sink 2 years ago, he never secured the facet fixture down and it leaks and is basically unusable.. he said he’d be ‘right back’ to fix it and never returned
he took one drawer from my kitchen so he could get a bracket to hang it back up with, never brought it back, then another one broke b/c he had been recently ‘repaired’ with duct tape…
etc.. my biggest worry is my water heater.. it fills w/ lime about every 5 months and he sends a guy to drain it but that guy said next time he wont be able to b/c its burning units badly and the hoes is stripped.. he said next time I’m going to need a new water heater all together… …just makes me wonder how long I’m going to be stuck boiling bath water until its fixed.

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