My mom wants to give me her room?

p>Hey guys. So My mom is seriously so great and she thinks my room is too small for me. She says that a teenagers room is like their sanctuary, and she just sits in her room and watches tv so all she needs is a bed and TV, while I need a desk, bed, drawers, trunk, etc. Her room, in addiction to being somewhat significantly bigger than mine, it also has a walk in closet, vanity, and bathroom. And I'm not gonna lie, this would be amazing for me. But I feel so guilty taking it from her! She works so hard and I want her to have a great room but she is insisting and saying that she won't be happy unless I take her room. I want her to have her own bathroom too, I mean I feel like adults need that haha. Idk if my sister an i would then just share my new bathroom and she would take our old one or what, but anyways, I don't know what to do! Thanks for taking the time to help with my decision.


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