My relationship is dying, what should i do?

ok I searched the web and its been no help, I’m a 20 year old boy and my girlfriend is 19 both perfectly healthy, I’ve been going out with her for 2 1/2 years, for the first year and a half we had an incredible sex life, we literally wanted to do it all the time, this eventually led my gf to getting the bar contraceptive (implanon) which led to her having a constant period so she was given the pill also (not sure of what kind) to regulate her period, which eventually led to her sex drive dropping to near non existant, now I know both contraceptives lower sex drive and having both would probably lower it twofold, having said that we’ve went from sex 4 or more times a week to about once a month if I’m lucky, even for a boy I have a high sex drive and because of this its left me feeling frustrated, sometimes angry, depressed, unwanted etc etc you get where I’m coming from, though in terms of affection my gf still loves seeing me, cuddling with me, phoning me etc, though the sexual side went out the window.

I love my gf and I know the feelings mutual, though when I ask her about sex she just doesn’t seem to ever be in the mood and she doesn’t know why, and when we do have sex it seems forced almost as though she’s doing it to shut me up, but when we actually start she starts loving it again but as soon as next time comes around its the same story all over again, now I don’t expect things to be the way they were back at the start, but if she wanted to have sex with me once a week I’d be over the moon. we’ve discussed what problems we have in our relationship on several occasions and this is literally the only one.

this is tearing me apart becaus’e I don’t think I can ever get it to sink in to her how much this affects me, I’m a good boyfriend always there for her when she needs me I take her out, treat her well etc. and I’m not just in it for sex.

like I keep saying I love my gf but this problem has caused us to slightly drift apart, and tbh I feel as though

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