Mysterious Bugs in my Bathroom Sink, What are They?

Every morning I find hundreds of tiny aphid like bugs crawling in my sink. They are yellow and can jump very high like fleas. I can kill them with ease using the "OFF" bug spray but they keep coming back in groups of hundreds. I notice that these particular bugs are nocturnal since they come out only at night but, I have no clue how they are getting into my bathroom. There is no trail or sign except the bathroom sink and I think they might be coming from the sink. I tried pouring toilet cleaner down the sink pipe but, they keep coming back in the hundreds. Its very irritating and I can’t find any type of bug that looks like the ones I describe. Aphids are the closest looking. Did I mention they bite? I have a few bites already on my stomach and now I feel scared going into the bathroom. I will notify st control but, does anyone know what else I could do?
I just came upon a discovery! Springtails! This could be it!

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